Approximately 12 months ago a wonderful feline addition was made to our family whom we named Jonah.Our other family members Jack and Annie are also Ragdolls from a different breeder. Little Jonah grew quickly and has very beautiful grey markings and a lovely temperament but is active and frisky on occasions (and he was the quiet one in his litter). This lovely little cat is now a very big part of our lives and both of us are very attached to him.We thank Rhonda Edwards for the care and dedication she demonstrates in her breeding of these wonderful cats and would on occasion love to take on more little ones.Appreciative clients, Rick and Caroline Asensio, Leura NSW
  Here are some photos of little Sidney…. well, he’s not so little now as he is growing to be a big boy as you can see! Sidney is quite an extrovert..he is not scared of people and very social. He is very playful and his favourite game at the moment is hide and seek.. he loves it. He has quite a playful personality and is very intelligent.. we just love him to bits.Best regards, Geraldine and Raymond Robinson, Darlinghurst
  We got our gorgeous Ragdoll Rosie from Rhonda, Christmas 2008.  Already having a tabby cat, and a dog indoors,I didn’t need to worry, as Rosie fit right in from day 1.  You can often find the 3 of them sleeping in their favourite spot.She is so affectionate, and loves to be picked up and carried around by our 3 kids, and also any visitors that drop in.She follows me around the house all day, just like a little puppy, always wanting to be in the same room as me.We love her, and she has fit right into our family.Scott, Linda & Family, Katoomba
I just wanted to say how much we love our little Louie. From the first day we brought him home he has been a wonderful addition to our family.We love him and he seems to love us just as much. He sleeps on either one of our childrens beds at night and follows us around like a puppy dog during the day. He likes to be near us and is very placid and affectionate.He loves to play games as well. The children have a toy mouse on a string that he will chase for hours. He also likes chasing a ball around. My son is convinced that he has taught Louie to fetch.Thank you Rhonda for a wonderful addition to our family.Sandra, Paul, Liam and Georgie, Katoomba
  Dear Rhonda,Just thought I’d update you on how Marshie is going at 1 year of age.Marshie is continuing to delight us every day with her sweet nature.She has quickly chosen her favourite spot in our new house- a sunny windowsill at the front of the house. Several times I have overheard passers-by exclaiming at the ‘beautiful kitty through the window’.She’s grown so big now we can hardly believe how tiny she was when we brought her home! Here are a few pictures we wanted to share with you.~Jack & Carol~
I am Anna Lee, and I thought of writing this letter to make someone as happy as I am.The life of my beautiful white Persian cat (age 16) had come to an end and my heart was broken.The tears just kept falling on the flowering plants I planted on the beautiful grave I prepared for her in my garden.When my cat was alive, I had promised myself never to replace her with another cat or dog. My love for her was vast and so was the happiness in my heart, every time she was near. But after she died the sun stopped shining for me. The first day without her was hell. The second worse, the third, I didn’t exist, and so were the following seven…. The thoughts in my head were black; I would have given anything to have her back again. “Can I buy another cat? And can I love her with the same intensity as I loved my beautiful Darlyn? No it’s impossible,” I kept telling myself. “She was my princess, where could I find another one? I can’t live without her.” A black thought was heard deep in my tormented mind. “Be strong, try the Vet, he might be able to help you. But I promised never to get another cat never, never again.” But my mind was disturbed. One moment was negative, the next positive. The tears were like a river pouring on my cheeks.“Hello, is that the Katoomba Vet.” I began to speak on the phone the seventh day of my Darlyn’s death. But I hung up quickly. I felt like a traitor.“How can you do that? How can you live with a stranger cat? Without Princess?” “But you will grow to love her Anna. The Vet will help you find another Darlyn.”

The fifth call I made to the Vet, I began to think positive thoughts. I battled along not to let them go, and I said, ‘Nina can you recommend me a breeder who can give me a cat like Darlyn? I am suffocating with love for a pretty kitten.” When the breeder called me on the same day’s afternoon, I was afraid my mind snap and I said quickly, “I have never heard of a “Blue-Point Ragdoll” when can I see him?” Tomorrow morning at ten.” Rhonda, (the breeder) said cheerfully.

It was five in the morning when sleep found me. I got dressed quickly and walked down to my Darlyn’s grave. There I sat and cursed Mother Nature’s creation. I watered the flowers on my Darlyn’s grave and hurried to the shower to wash the tears off my face. Rhonda was a friendly lady full of love and optiminism. “He will love you to bits” she said. “The characteristics of “Blue-Point Ragdoll” cats are very affectionate. He will follow you around like a puppy dog. They are very intelligent and loving.”

We sat and talked for a while, the cat investigating his new home. For I had decided to take him.

Rhonda assured me that he would make me happy. I believed her, for his magnificent blue eyes looked at me with promises of many years to come full of love! His coat felt like satin under my fingers. But it was his eyes that mesmerised me the most. He was simply beautiful! I named him Merlin; because of his eyes today is the seventh day we are together. Our hearts are bursting with love for each other. I just adore this little creature, which understands the human trait of love. And since love is my main manifestation too, I couldn’t possibly say no to him.

And here are a couple of words about Rhonda’s cattery. Her house is full of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen. They have the most beautiful white long fur that makes them look like cat angels, against the deep blue of their eyes. They are heavenly. I recommend Rhonda’s cattery to anyone with love in his heart and have nobody to give it to. Merlin and I are in-love. As for Rhonda, she is the most compassionate, kind and loving, caring, loveliest women I have ever met. She loves her cats, and her cats love her.